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Tax Overages Refund

What is a Tax Overage

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. We have all faced financial difficulties in our lives, and unfortunately that sometimes results in considerable losses, such as property owe owns, or even your own home. Sometimes properties will be seized for failure to pay property taxes, and these properties are then sold at auction to cover the bills. In most cases, the properties are sold for significantly more than what is owed on them. That overage then stagnates in the bank account of the county responsible for the sale. The county is under no obligation to even inform the former owner that the property has been sold for more than the amount due. The county does not inform the former owner they might have money due them. Depending on the jurisdiction, the county holds that money for a length of time- a few months to a few years- before the money officially becomes county property. However, with the proper filings and legal documentation, this money can be claimed and returned to the former owner of the property. In some cases, this may be up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

How We can Help

Our specialists are equipped to track down this unclaimed money and help return it to the original proper owners. These people usually aren’t even aware of the fact this money is owed to them, and have no idea how to pursue the proper claims and begin the process of claiming that which is rightfully theirs. If you think you might be owed money from the sale of a property which has been seized for unpaid property taxes, please contact us as soon as possible so we can start the process of investigating your potential claim,  and begin retrieving the money owed to you or your family. 

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