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About Us

Our Company Vision

We are a company dedicated to creating a complete customer experience by providing superior service on every level. From a welcoming, safe, and inclusive workplace to cutting edge and holistic services, our goal is to deliver top of the line quality on every level for every client, every time.


We are here to help weave your dreams today, protect them for tomorrow, and prosper you in the your greatest ambitions.

Dena Barrett - CEO

Our Leadership

Dena Barrett

Dr. Barrett has been an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, running a number of companies over the years to allow her to stay at home and homeschool her children when they were young. With degrees in religious studies and theology, sociology, history and business leadership, she brings a diverse and unique experience and outlook to running the business. Her primary philosophy is to provide the best possible product with cutting edge customer service and education. Her company is founded on the principles of treating others with respect, dignity, encouragement and empowerment, providing a strong, safe, supportive workplace where all staff are valued parts of a high functioning team, dedicated to providing top tier service and products. Her passion is for helping lift up others who are interested in exploring the path to entrepreneurship and empowering them to be successful on their journey. Her company is dedicated to helping others weave their dreams today and then protect them for the future.

Our Leadership

Drake Barrett

As the Chief Technology Officer, Drake is dedicated to keeping our company up and moving. His eye for design and presentation ensures the company message is constantly being revised and kept up with the most cutting edge presentation and technology to do the job at hand. His creative style helps make every presentation, every coaching session, all our educational material remain up to the minute, engaging, accurate and industry leading.

Our Leadership

Ryan Barrett

As the head of our HR department, it is Ryan who makes sure our staff and team members are the best available, well trained, well supported and ready to meet the needs of our customers at every turn. Ryan brings an ability to find the exact right person for any given job and makes every member of the team understand how valued and important they are to the mission of our company. From our coaches to our funding specialists, Ryan is the man who keeps our teams functioning at peak performance and ensures they are the best train, best supported, best prepared team to meet and exceed our client’s expectations every day.

Our Leadership

Kadin Barrett

As the Chief Financial Officer, Kadin is dedicated to ensuring the company remains financially responsible and builds their own future on solid financial ground while guiding others in the construction of their own businesses. Kadin has served as a business partner with Dream Weaver Enterprises since 2018 and took over as CFO in 2021. He brings deep insight into future developments and is dedicated to investment strategies and strong, expansive fiscal development and growth.

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